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The ClickPack Pro anti-theft backpack is a multifunctional backpack with many unique features. What makes this bag really unique is the Triple anti-theft security. Thanks to the integrated stainless steel metal wire, you can easily attach the backpack to a chair in a restaurant, a train bench when traveling or to a bench in the park while enjoying the sun. In addition, the bag is equipped with a unique TSA lock system (lock) with which you lock the bag with one click. You can only unlock the bag again with the code you entered yourself. As a final protection, it is made of Kevlar, among other things, which ensures that the bag is cut-resistant. Pickpockets really don't stand a chance with you anymore!

In addition to safety, the ClickPack Pro also offers a lot of space. With no less than 19 compartments, 5 of which are large. The bag is also equipped with a removable toilet bag, removable electronics bag, drinking cup holder and RFID protection. You can easily charge your mobile equipment such as a tablet or phone with the integrated USB charging port and the free power bank supplied.

But there is more. ClickPack Pro has developed a unique weight reduction system, the enclosing shoulder straps help to reduce the weight on your shoulders. The backpack hugs your back as it were and reduces and distributes the weight evenly over your back. The split high-density polyester fiber provides extra comfort and more carrying capacity.

Product specifications:
Cut/tear resistant fabric Yes
Wire lock: Yes, wire lock made of 7 stainless steel wires
Lock system TSA Lock System
Zipper: Double High Quality YKK Zipper
Integrated USB charging port: Yes
Unique weight reduction system: Yes
Number of boxes: 19
Tablet box: Tablet up to 10" (inches)
46 x 34 x 16 centimeters
Net Weight: 1250 grams
Water-resistant rain cover: Yes

60% - High Molecular Weight Polythene

30% - Ultra-fine Polyester Fiber

10% - Kevlar

Our ClickPack PRO line has already won many prizes, below is a small selection of the prizes won:

  • Good Design Award 2017
  • iF Design Award 2018