About Korin

Our mission

Our mission is to give travelers a sense of security. K symbolizes the spirit of innovation, perseverance and courage. Our product is aimed at people, from the system of "Click Anti Theft" to patented EasyCharging technology, scientifically designed storage system and full protection for electronic devices. When designing, we believe that function dictates form. We insist on using innovative material properly and unique advanced techniques to make our product look simple yet stylish.

About Korin, ClickPack Pro

Korin is a global brand of Designest's low-tech multi-purpose bag luggage industry. To meet the needs of commuting, travel and business travel, Korin uses advanced technologies in consumer electronics and innovative materials in luggage to solve the problems of theft, charging, protection and storage space.


Our most popular product, the ClickPack Pro, successfully raised money for JD crowdfunding, setting the crowdfunding record on Kickstarter and Indiegogo by raising USD 167,000. Worldwide, 100,000 click packs are sold every year and the sales office has been published in more than 18 countries. Top media such as CCTV and American wired journal talked about us. In the year 2021 we have grown into a global brand that brings new unique backpacks to the market every quarter. Flexpack, Hi-Pack, ClickPack X, Sling, Gym are several examples of new models that are popular worldwide.